Lady Photographer 2018 Tariff

Many people ask me for a brochure or a website, most others ask for a showreel. Some just ask me my costs. I thought of a cool way to combine both. This is my video brochure tariff for more details feel free to call/what’s app/email me. Continue reading Lady Photographer 2018 Tariff

Zaara Day

One Sunday afternoon, Zaara Jane came to aunty Lady Photographers home studio. She was ready with a smile for a beautiful day of shooting. There was pinks and blues and her mama and dada and brother Zac were all around her supporting her for her first professional photoshoot! She became a dinosaur and a butterfly but her best look was herself!  Thanks Zaara for being … Continue reading Zaara Day

Vishal + Reena

I love this wedding. It was two lovely creative people getting together. Loved Reena’s dress and Adele did such an amazing job with make up. George shot Vishal getting ready and it was interesting interspersing the two together. This wedding was commisioned by NLF Avatar for them! So lovely to see how much a church loves and supports a couple! The auto party in the … Continue reading Vishal + Reena

Vikrant and Manvi’s Wedding

A photographer rarely sees weddings as perfect as this one. This indeed was one of the best wedding experiences I have had. Everything was perfect. Vikrant and Manvi’s Wedding was one of my best experiences as a photographer! Such a lovely family, so organised and really thoughtful and kind! Lady Photographer covers Vikrant and Manvi Wedding from Lady Photographer on Vimeo. Continue reading Vikrant and Manvi’s Wedding

Rehearsal : Evangeline and Aaron

Normally wedding rehearsals are tensed and the bride and groom are often nervous, but not these guys. They were calm and collected and having a great time. I really enjoyed shooting this one, mostly because this church was otherwise quite strict about shooting in the premises. The plan was to get a nice night time-lapse but I wasn’t allowed. I was told as a photographer that … Continue reading Rehearsal : Evangeline and Aaron