About the Photographer

Sangeeta Angela Kumar has been connected to Filmfare, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, NDTV, CBN and other esteemed production companies.

Her love for photography was from her school days in Woodstock where she made her first short film on her class. Her loved increased through college where she took up small part-time assignments with Hindustan Lever which brought about a lot of associations with Discovery Channel, MTV and other companies.

She invested in her studio but did her mainstream work as a writer, television anchor and journalist.

Over time she realised her love was behind the camera (not ALWAYS in front of it) and she began her career as a photographer and video editor.

Otherwise, Bombay based, Sangeeta moved to Bhopal five years ago and set up her mac-nikon friendly home studio. Since then she’s been freelancing with several esteemed people and companies all over India.

Even her wedding photography was a passion. She would take photographs for her friends during their weddings and gift that to them as a photo wedding album (instead of a bed sheet or crockery set). But demands increased and now she shoots and edits weddings videos around the country.

For more details about her equipment contact her, but for its important you know Sangeeta is a Nikon loyalist and shoots everything thing on Nikon (D810/5300/D80) and for extra coverage uses a Sony FULL HD Professional camcorder.

Apart from special wedding coverage, she’s always makes an version suited for your need. She edits on FCPx and occasionally composes music for her edits if the client has a desire to upload the footage on Facebook or Youtube.

For quotations and costs contact her team online: newzalicious@gmail.com, photovideolicious@gmail.com

Or email her directly on sangeetaangelakumar@gmail.com

Or call her manager on: +919826224441


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