Sangeeta Angela Kumar Productions is Hiring (Intern/Part Time/Full Time) 

Sangeeta Angela Kumar Productions is Hiring (Intern/Part Time/Full Time) Looking for an enthusiastic, talented, driven and passionate person who would work on a commission basis (as per project). Job: Marketing Public Relations for the company. Video and Photography Work win different fields. Corporate films, Youtube/Television ads for start up companies, food vlogs, beauty vlogs, car/bike promotional video, or personal project. Email your CV on: … Continue reading Sangeeta Angela Kumar Productions is Hiring (Intern/Part Time/Full Time) 

Rehearsal : Evangeline and Aaron

Normally wedding rehearsals are tensed and the bride and groom are often nervous, but not these guys. They were calm and collected and having a great time. I really enjoyed shooting this one, mostly because this church was otherwise quite strict about shooting in the premises. The plan was to get a nice night time-lapse but I wasn’t allowed. I was told as a photographer that … Continue reading Rehearsal : Evangeline and Aaron

Candid Music Video in Bhopal

So it’s been really nice working in Bhopal mostly because of the convenience of being home and editing! This shoot was a fun one to put together. Loved the idea of invitations coming together and the photographer Bunty is quite fun to work with. This is was my first drone edit ever! Superbly fun! Here’s the promo for the video Here’s the music video Continue reading Candid Music Video in Bhopal

Gorgeous Evening of Pictures

I recently had a shoot where I had to cover an event. But what I loved were the pictures which weren’t of the main event. I would say these are one of my most cherished series of pictures. The girls in the typical bharatnatyam get up weren’t just gorgeous but I was more amazed that these girls couldn’t speak or hear. And they were dancing with … Continue reading Gorgeous Evening of Pictures